Avimarine has identified
and built a large sourcing
network worldwide mainly
in Australia, Singapore,India,
France, Poland and USA,full
geared to deliver a wide
range of components,spare
parts and equipment to our customers at competitive
prices. Here’s a currentlist
of products sourced by us
for our customers.
Sensors & Transducers  
Electronics & Instrumentation  
Materials & Chemicals  
Test & Measuring Instruments  
Instrumentation Accessories  
Vacuum Products  
Tools & other Mechanical
Oil Field Industry
Oil & Process Industry  

Environmental monitoring Systems
Equipment spares and Process Instrumentation Products

ESD Products
Functional Ceramics Solid Electrolytes, Heating Elements, Filtering Tubes, Diaprograms and Ceramic Filters, Laboratory Porcelains, Special Refractory Materials and Cements
Water Jet Monitors
Special Ceramics, Grinding/Dispersing and Mixing Balls,Thermal Resistant Ceramics-Protection Insulating, Capillary and all types of tubes, Burring Containers, Crucibles, etc.
Zirconium Powder