Avimarine has identified
and built a large sourcing
network worldwide mainly
in Australia, Singapore,India,
France, Poland and USA,full
geared to deliver a wide
range of components,spare
parts and equipment to our customers at competitive
prices. Here’s a currentlist
of products sourced by us
for our customers.
Sensors & Transducers  
Electronics & Instrumentation  
Materials & Chemicals  
Test & Measuring Instruments  
Instrumentation Accessories
Vacuum Products  
Tools & other Mechanical
Oil Field Industry  
Oil & Process Industry  
Cable, Cable Ties, Sleevings, Harnessing materials
Calibration Equipment & Components

Soldering equipment
Soldering Irons Fume Extractors Soldering/ Desoldering Stations Rework Stations Rotadip
Heat Flux Gauge
ESD Products